Welcome to the english version of our new website. Those of you who are looking for the Climbing in Croatia page that used to be on this url , please click here.

This is the website of the Alpinist Section of HPD Željezni?ar.

atmosphere from our regular meetingOur section exists since 15th February 1950. Besides alpinism, our members also engage in sport climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, randone skiing, hiking ... Some of our most experienced members have participated in several expeditions. Among them is the Yugoslav expedition to Mt. Everest in '79, when a new route over the west ridge was taken.

We organize an annual alpinist school, sometime in the begining of October. Our regular meetings are held every wednesday at 20:00h at Trnjanska 5b in Zagreb.

How to find us?

Start from Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, and pass it from the south. Turn left into the street which is on Lisinski's eastern (back) side (Trnjanska street). Valk northwards through Trnjanska for around 100 meters and then turn right into third alley. There you can find our metal sign. Just walk for another 50 meters along the metal fence and your're there. The entrance is located between 2 bars, and we're on the 1st floor. If this description was too scrammbled for you, check the map.

Another interesting place in Zagreb, where you can meet local climbers is AO Velebit.

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